Leaf CCTV for Clients

Leaf Technologies offers clients Leaf CCTV as one of our services. CCTV or Closed-circuit television has become increasingly popular for security purposes in both businesses and households. This technology is commonly used in areas that require surveillance and examples of this system can be found in banks, shopping malls, airports and casinos.

Specialised CCTV systems have evolved over the years from analog cameras whereby the cameras convert video signals into a format that can viewed on a television or monitor. IP systems however are now widely used due to improved capabilities such as wireless and high definition cameras, adjustable lenses, motion detection and even email alerts. Leaf technologies not only supplies quality CCTV cameras, we also assist each client’s needs by understanding their security objectives and environment.

We have a range of camera options to suit every client. Our IP or Internet protocol cameras are digital video cameras that send and receive data via a fast computer network and the Internet. An IP camera system records footage that can be viewed remotely on a laptop or smart phone and provides superior image quality, real-time video, easy installation and the capability for more cameras to be integrated as your needs change.

For clients requiring a more advanced form of CCTV and a large amount of storage space, we can assist with digital video recorders or DVRs. These systems provide the capability to record and store many hours or possibly even years of archived surveillance footage. Some of these systems teamed with IP cameras have extra features such as motion detection and the ability to connect directly to a computer network or network-attached storage device.

Due to our experience in Information technology we are able to provide the very best in CCTV equipment with professional technical and product support. If you require more information on our CCTV product range, feel free to contact us.

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