Major Advantages Of IP PBX Electrical Switchboards In South Africa

Major Advantages Of IP PBX Electrical Switchboards In South Africa

An IP PBX (internet protocol private branch exchange) is a corporate telephone system fabricated for interaction over the IP data networks. All interactions are delivered as data packets via the net. The technology incorporated latest features of flexibility and practicality which is essential in an expanding business setup.

IP PBX has an optional gateway with which it can involve the conventional telephone lines to this latest call and data network. This makes sure that the business offices do not require altering their current telephone number while selecting IP PBX system.

Advantages of IP PBX

Cost cutting down

There is no requirement to purchase added expansions boards or costly add-ons while moving to IP PB system. The PBX can effortlessly scale and hence it is simpler to attach more links or enhance server capacity as and when required.

You also can select different vendors hence removing the requirement to purchase individually from one vendor and cutting down costs on move and changes to the PBX system as offered by the best PABX systems supplier.

Variety of options

You have several choices to pick from the net server to the vendors. You can pick which computer, server, embedded gadget it system to utilize your IP PBX. You can select the operating system, operators and also a wide range of phones from multiple manufacturers.


A number of elastic choices are available with the IP PBX phones or electrical switchboards in South Africa.

  • Grow the network where there is a requirement. Even when you move campus or grow to different campuses, they can be effortlessly moved without an alternation in the phone number.
  • You can also select the aspect that the PBX calls your mobile numbers as well as the office landline phone so that you can always receive all the essential business calls.
  • You can also organize conference calls, queue calls to aid the customer care team, record them or also go for switch call routing as per the time of the day.
  • You will be capable to link with employees who operate from home to the workplace network. This also aids staff attach to the IP phone when you are on the move.
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