Riso Digital Duplicators

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RISO digital duplicators, also known as Riso machines are the most cost-effective solution in making more than 25 copies of a specific page. Because a digital duplicator uses ink and not toner, it does not require warm up time, operates at advanced speeds and uses less electricity.

Riso ComColor Inkjet Printers

Choose The Right Product For Your Company

RISO ComColor offers corporates, companies and institutions high speed, full colour printing to ensure next level productivity at lower running costs. At RISO, our ComColor range is about more than just printing. It is about what our customers want. That is why our range of printers offer the ultimate scalable all-in-one printing solution for printing, punching, binding, stapling, folding, booklet making and envelope printing (folding, addressing, enclosing, sealing), making it suitable for in-house and business printing.

High Speed, Energy Efficient & Cost-effective Inkjet Printers And Digital Duplicators

Since 1946 RISO ™ have been supplying fast, energy efficient inkjet printers and digital duplicators that allow companies to reduce running costs and increase productivity. Sustainable printing at your fingertips.