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UNBEATABLE! Printer Promo – Would you like to cut your printing costs in half?

Sometimes, a deal this good is for real!

Unbeatable Printer Deals From Leaf Technologies

Printing costs are a touchy subject in many offices. When it comes time to upgrade office MFPs, invoices and contracts are studied, comparative quotes gathered and print volumes scrutinised to make sure that the cheapest option is chosen. It makes sense. Large office machines can cost thousands to rent and massive print volumes mean hefty service charges.

There’s one item that always seems to be ignored when doing these cost calculations, and that’s your small desktop printer. Have you ever really stopped and worked out just how much that machine is costing you? Well, recently, the Leaf Technologies bean counters sat down and did some sums and the sad reality is that a small printer can end up costing much, much more than that big MFP you’re so concerned about.

First, let’s take a look at toner cartridges. We did a quick survey of toner cost for the most popular printers on the market. Yields (number of prints) per cartridge for these machines tend to vary from 1000 – 3000 pages, which seems like a fair amount, until you see the pricing. The cheapest cartridge on the list was R799 and the most expensive, R2 500. This means you are paying as much as R1.50 every single time you print a mono page.

Now that we have established the insanely high costs of printing a single black and white page, have you thought about how much you print on that small printer every month? With a machine on a contract, you are phoned every month for a meter reading, so it’s very easy to judge your print volumes, but who is keeping tabs on the machines with no contracts? Do you know how often you’ve replaced the cartridge in that machine? Do you have to go out and buy toner yourself? What happens when the machine breaks? Do you have to load it in your car and take it to the retailer, who in turn sends it to their supplier? If that happens you could be without your printer for weeks!

We’ve found that the desktop printer has seen a massive spike in popularity since lockdown. People are working from home and more children are being homeschooled. This means that people who would share a central MFP are now needing individual machines. Even if you are back at the office, do you want to share a copier with everyone else? 

What if we told you that we could take your expensive printer away and replace it with a brand new Kyocera FS-1060dn for only R149 per month? This includes 250 free copies, delivery, installation, toner and access to our world-class service team. No more trips to the shop to buy toner or take a broken machine for repairs… we do it at your office! 

Seems like an easy decision once you look at all the facts, doesn’t it?

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