Leasing Multifunction Printers from Leaf Technologies – Why it makes sense

Multifunction printers have become an extremely popular and viable component in the office environment.  Reliable office equipment is essential and leasing multifunction printers from Leaf Technologies can make sense.

Leaf Technologies is one of the most successful office equipment suppliers in the Durban and coastal region and has partnered with Kyocera Document Solutions, a leading manufacturer of quality Multifunction printers. With Kyocera colour MFP’s, everyday office functions such as printing, copying, faxing and scanning are rolled up into one single and reliable machine. The only difficulty can be deciding whether to purchase a multifunction printer outright or rather lease it.

If you are a business owner that requires a high end multifunction printer that will handle large volumes of printing at high speeds along with other capabilities such as network sharing, mobile printing, booklet and even tri-folding, leasing will more than likely appeal to you. When leasing a multifunction printer from Leaf Technologies there is no large outlay of capital. You will instead have a more flexible payment option whereby you save capital to use for other important office purposes.

Leasing one of our multifunction printers allows you a choice of Kyocera printer models to suit your budget.  We also offer the convenience of a lease that includes printer consumables, general maintenance and technical services ensuring that you have the convenience of reliable equipment.  Our knowledgeable consultants will be able to suggest exactly which Kyocera model would suit your business needs based on the size of your office, number of staff to use the printer as well as your average volume of printing per month. There is no risk of purchasing a multifunction printer outright only to discover that it is not adequate for your office needs.

Leaf technologies supplies an extensive range of Kyocera MFP’s that deliver high quality and consistent prints to our clients. Kyocera Multifunction printers support a range of functions allowing for optimum workflow within the office environment. These devices have been built to last, have exceptional print speeds and are designed to handle a vast range of documents. Not only will you receive a printer with state of the art data security and network functions, you will also be able to claim the lease as a business expense for tax purposes, saving you money on your overall lease costs.

If you have any queries about Kyocera MFP model capabilities or are curious about leasing one of our models, simply contact Leaf Technologies or view the various Kyocera models on our Website http://www.leaftechnologies.co.za/kyocera-products-durban/

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