Only Pay for the Colour You Use!

Kyocera Document Solutions, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, has revolutionised the way customers pay for printing with its Three Tier Colour Billing system, ensuring customers need only pay for the colour they use.

Historically, printer service maintenance agreements charged the same price for a small amount of colour as they did for a full page of colour. Three Tier Colour Billing completely changes this pricing model by only charging customers for the actual colour they print. With Three Tier Billing, Kyocera offers colour print costs based on the actual usage of colour toner per page which allows the customer to simply pay for what they use.

Kyocera’s TASKalfa multi function colour range has one of the lowest colour costs per page on the market. With Three Tier Billing, customers will see significant savings on colour printing and copying with three additional counters which calculate the printed and copied pages measuring the coverage in three categories.  TEXT+ (low coverage) would apply to printing a company logo on otherwise monochrome correspondence, CHART+ (medium coverage) applies to the printing of a report containing charts and graphs with text, and GRAPHICS+ (high coverage) for printing colour rich collateral such as brochures and presentations.

There are no hidden costs or charges with this service. Customers who would like Kyocera’s Three Tier Billing simply need to have it enabled on their TASKalfa Colour device.

For more information about Three Tier Billing and the other exciting products we have on offer, contact Leaf Technologies on 086 100 5323 or e-mail

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