Pantone Office is Here!

Pantone Office is Here

We are very excited to introduce Pantone Office for Kyocera Devices.

As you know, building and sustaining a solid, trustworthy brand is all about consistency and maintaining the correct colour palette for all your communication is vital. But, as you also know, when you work in PowerPoint or Word, staying true to your corporate colours is often a challenge.

Pantone Office for Kyocera is an add on for PowerPoint and Word that offers massive improvement for users when printing Pantone colour. This cutting edge managed print solution allows seamless, accurate quality colour printing with Kyocera devices, giving businesses an easy way to manage colour.

Pantone Office is Here


Using Pantone Office is as easy as choosing the colour you using its Pantone name from the Colour Picker integrated into your PowerPoint or Word toolbar.

The benefits at a glance:

  • The unique, affordable solution for organisations of all sizes
  • ICC-based colour management means accurate, professional and consistent colour printing
  • Easy-to-use embedded Colour Picker and Pantone name colour selection
  • Works with any KYOCERA colour printer.

Call us on 086 100 5323 to speak to one of our Account Managers about implementing Pantone Office at your company.


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