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Printer Comparision

Here at Leaf we often hear people say “it’s cheaper for me to just buy a printer from xyz chain store rather than renting one.”

This may look true on the surface, but is it really?

When you buy a printer outright from a shop, you pay one amount for the device and then only spend money again when you need ink or toner. Or so you think. What happens when the printer breaks? You have to put the printer in your car, drive it back to where you bought it, have it sent in for repairs and potentially be left with a very hefty repair bill. That’s if it is even worth fixing it.  Sometimes, you may as well just buy a whole new printer.

When you sign up for a Printer Promo device from Leaf, we take all the hassle out of owning a printer.  No more running to the shops for toner, or sending the machine away for repairs and then battling along without a printer. We bring you toner. We service the printer onsite and if we cannot fix it there and then, we bring you a loan unit until we get yours repaired. All for under R 400.00 a month!

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