Staff Profile – Clinton dos Santos

Staff Profile - Clinton dos Santos

Name: Clinton dos Santos

Position at Leaf: Sales Executive at Leaf Technologies Durban

Tell us a bit about your professional background:  Done everything from hospitality to selling websites, also worked in Dubai as a lifeguard and was in the SANDF (Air Force) for 2 years

Are you married? Do you have any children? Married, no children yet

What are your interests outside of work?  Love anything technological from laptops to ipads and gaming platforms

What sports team do you support?  Rugby – Sharks, Footie – Barcelona

What did you dream of becoming when you were a child?  I always wanted to become an Air Traffic Controller – for as long as I can remember

Tell us something completely random about yourself… I’m an amazing swimmer, Natal Representative, and have South African Colours in 8Ball Pool.

Clinton is also a Mentor for Bright Starts Mentorship programme and told us a bit more about the work he does with the programme:

This is my second year running and my previous mentee got reunited with his family… sad but awesome. I currently meet with my kid once a week for a minimum of an hour but that has hardly ever been stuck to, sometimes I am there for 2 or 3 hours… we do fun things together like playing games, soccer or cycling. We also do school work so that he can get his marks up to scratch and we work on things that he is struggling with.

As a mentor you are more challenged and grown that what the mentee is.. it is extremely rewarding and you learn a lot.

Staff Profile - Clinton dos Santos

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